Maryland cop rescues toddler left in hot car for hours: 'God, please let this child be alive'

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Darryl Wormuth rescued a 1-year-old girl from a hot car on May 1. Prince George's County Police Department. Darryl Wormuth whispered to himself when he spotted a toddler strapped in a car seat and locked inside a hot car on Tuesday. I had a minute to take a deep breath and figure out how I was going to handle the situation. As he got closer, Wormuth noticed that the one-and-a-half year old was moving. He breathed a sigh of relief that he was able to get to her in time. According to state lawit's illegal to leave a child under the age of 8 unattended in a vehicle.

And heat exposure is especially dangerous for kids. Children are less able to regulate their body temperature compared with adults," the American Academy of Pediatrics states on its website. Hours earlier, the police officer discovered a man suspected of being under the influence lying face down radio host raises $50k in dash and bitcoin to help hurricane victims a grassy area of a parking lot outside of an apartment complex in Suitland.

He called for backup and requested an emergency response team to aid the unresponsive man. Darryl Wormuth said the little girl was unharmed and called her grandmother and mother to pick her up. He spotted a lanyard around the man's neck that contained house keys and a car key fob. When help arrived, Wormuth helped pick up the man and escorted him to the hospital.

But for some reason, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. So, he went back to the scene and retraced his steps. It was there he found a car with radio host raises $50k in dash and bitcoin to help hurricane victims window rolled down and a toddler in the backseat. He unbuckled her, placed radio host raises $50k in dash and bitcoin to help hurricane victims in the shade and contacted the apartment's property manager who then fed her chicken nuggets, fries and water.

Darryl Wormuth took a photo of the dashboard to document the temperature inside the vehicle. He kind of became her dad in that moment. Wormuth added, "I started rubbing the child's arm slowly, gradually wake her up and of course she began to start crying," Wormuth said.

The officer eventually found the man's cell phone inside the vehicle and saw there were dozens of missed calls and text messages from the child's grandmother. He was able to get in touch with her and the girl's mother and arranged for them to take the girl home.

The unresponsive man was later identified as the child's father, Wormuth said. He's since been charged with reckless endangerment and a related unattended child charge, the police department said in a statement online.

Additional charges are pending, Wormuth added.

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