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Super 4 [3] is a French - German CGI animated comedy adventure TV series that began inmarking the 40th anniversary of the Playmobil toys that inspired it.

It features a band of heroes who protect the inhabitants of the disparate worlds of Kingsland, the Enchanted Island, and the City of Technopolis, against calamities and enemies.

It began airing August in French; English dubbing was done later. Super 4 is essentially a crossover story which combines disparate Playmobil toy worlds of fairiespiratesmedieval knightsscientistsrobotsdinosaurs and aliensby depicting them as inhabiting neighbouring islands in an amorphous ocean. The series starts with the heroes already established as a team of adventurers who travel about in Gene's shape-shifting vehicle, the Chameleon, with their exploits related in an episodic story style.

Later their back-stories are revealed via a series of 4-part origins stories. The first of these story arcs, Ruby Queen of the Seasrelates how Ruby ran away from the pirate world of Gunpowder Island after being told that as a girl she couldn't be a pirate.

The second origins story arc, Gene Techno Explorershows how Gene escaped from bin bot maker potions and spells authoritarian city of Technopolis, populated by scientists and robots, to explore the outside world in defiance of claims bin bot maker potions and spells it was toxic and uninhabitable. Finally the Origins arc tells of how Alex ran away from Kingsland because he felt stifled by his schooling, and went on to meet the diminutive Alien, a bin bot maker potions and spells from a lost worldand later the fairy Twinkle who was fleeing the Enchanted Island of fairies, witches and trolls after accidentally turning the Fairy Queen into a frog.

The first 13 episodes have an instrumental theme tune, whilst episodes have a theme song with English lyrics. The episodes are being broadcast out of order, e. Twinkle the Fairy is a brainless dope. Initially she contrasted Playmobil 's ethos with that of Lego in a favourable way, writing: With Lego, you get the predetermined sexual stereotypes of the movies.

Inthe following Playmobil sets associated with the TV series were released. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Super 4 Genre Comedy Action Animation. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 8 Mayat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Morgen Studios Method Animation.

Billy Bob Thompson [8]. A bin bot maker potions and spells Agent Scullya very skeptical scientist. A female Captain Haddocka very impulsive pirate. Scooby-Doo -like mascot who is also a team member.

Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld [10]. Tyler Bunch Series 1 [8] H. Jason Griffith Series 1 [8] D.

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